Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life - a Trade.

Is life a trade? I was just thing about how life really is all about trade offs that we have to make. Right from a simple example over here: You go to your relatives place and they ask you do you prefer Tea or Coffee? You like both but can you say both? They will scan if top to bottom if you say so. You say "he he eeeee any thing will do" if you cant make a choice.
But life somtimes is merciless. It does throw you tough situations and will ask you to make a trade off. consider the example here: A man goes to see a girl along with his family members on the advice of a local astrologer or to be precise a match maker. But having seen the girl the man feels her younger sister is any time better than her so-called match, what can he do? Its like having Jileabi() in your hand not able to taste it.
although everyone in their life would have made and are making a million trade offs every minute we would not have acknowledged it with a name "trade-off". I got this word struck to my tongue from my interviewer also the owner of the company which gave me a job offer letter. He was from Microsoft and he grilled me for a 3 hours session at a stretch. I got through and I was the first employee of that company(I din't joint that company though). I asked him what the pay is he said 15K/M. I said its very low considering the investment I have made to do my graduation. I need some good return of investment and that was when he was telling me about trade offs and how he had to open a company in coimbatore etc etc. But trade off is a nice word which I liked. I traded off his offer finally. :-)

Life essentially is all about tradeoffs and which trade you choose and which one you bid good by to makes up your life altogether.

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