Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Car???

Somwhere in 2010 a conversation strikes between a few kids. One asks the other "What car does your dad own?". Flash comes the reply "Muslim" car. The other yells out "Hindu" car. Yeah You read it right and more importantly i have typd it right.
The world's first Muslim car is to be unveiled soon. The news is out. This car is the result of the market analysis done in Malaysia. Analysts have found that the muslim segment has not been proplerly harnessed of their potentials.
I was wondering if this is a positive way to harness the markets?? A funny thought came running in my mind. All these muslim cars would be green and the other religion cars will be like safron for hindus, white etc etc... Although I appreciate the analysts work, I strongly disagree with this idea.
Read through here for details.

P.S : Please let all cars go when signal turns green. Dont make "Riligious signals" too.