Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simple means to combat terrorism.

I too am yet another spectator looking at the audacious manner in which they sailed into the country and unleashed havoc with their intoxicated mind and body, even sans intoxication terrorists are equally deadly.
I am not going to crib and point fingers at the already censured politicians, already praised commandos, army men and MARCOS. But I was just thinking on a way to minimize the lives lost by the armed forces. The idea is simple and can be overwhelmingly powerful if implemented the right way.
No, I am not talking about system reforms and improved training facility for the armed forces but make use of the canine power. Yeah, we all know that dogs have this amazing ability of sensing who a thief is and we would have witnessed demos in the exhibitions organized by police personnel. Train those dogs to identify who a terrorist is and who a hostage is. Lets say we have 500 such trained dogs and lets take the Hotel Taj for example for implementation.
Send in dogs in batches of 100's with a gap of 5-seconds. The max magazine size for AK-47 is 120 but it becomes really bulky so an optimal size of 50-70 rounds may be used. Considering the speed of a dog and the magazine recoiling speed only 20-30 % of the bullets will find the target. So you have ~70% of the dogs chasing the terrorist who might try to run or reload the magazine and in the worst case throw a hand grenade.
My whole point is even if 20 dogs end up tasting the terrorists blood job is done. Why to waste the precious lives of army men when our country's dogs can do the simple task for us.

Advantages :
1. Dogs can sniff the route the terrorist has taken.
2. Agile and quick makes it difficult to aim at.
3. The surface area of a dog is 1/3 of a man and it reduces the chances of getting hit by 1/3.
4. Their maneuverability in dark and smoke laden places is many times better than that of a man.

PS : I am by no means trying to devalue the life of a dog.