Monday, July 30, 2007

"One step manual" to deport immigrants.

Poor chap. No other word comes out when I think of Dr. Mohammed Haneef. He has been the talk of the news channels for the past two days. But why all this? Juse because this has happened in the international arena and he came out bring the Aussie govt. to harsh criticism. How good are the police there or are they not good in fabricating and manupulating the facts as in India? Had it been India either the facts would have been destroyed totally that the chargesheet will be dismissed saying lack of evidence or the victim would have been under bars for trial by manipulated facts. Thats the speciality of Indian police. They make victims out of nothing and present facts from nowhere. Fun apart.
There were two things I found amusing in this case. First, if US, UK, Aussie or any other country for that matter wants to reduce the immigrants or keep them at bay then all they need is to do a simple thing. Take the photo graphs or some belonging of all the "to-be-victims" and put it in a crime scene and have them deported to their own country cancelling their Visas as happened in this very case. So a black mark on his passport means he cant get back to the same place and needless to say that the new immigrants are admonished.
Second thing was why should Haneef return to the same country which has put him in such a trauma? Not to prove his innocence though. He has made himself to be worthy citizen of any country and can win a job like a lottery in no amount of time.
A lesson for all of us : Having the mind open is not enough. Have your eyes, ears and your senses active and open.