Saturday, June 30, 2007

Made (only) in India!!!

With this title I, by no means, am projecting the technology that is made in India. I had a aberrant thought and wanted to have a look at great peoples profiles in orkut and obviously it started with Mr. Orkut Buyukkokten. When I looked at his album photos I was wondering at how cool brains enjoy life and my second look reminded me straight of our lady commentator.. Yes!!! Ms. Mandira Bedi. Have a look at the photos and you would know the reason for her to be remembered.

Well if you have not got it yet look at her photo too. He has worn a socks which has the Brazilian flag on it!!!##!!!! Well all I could say was he was not born in India. If he was an Indian and the founder of orkut and done the same thing to the Indian flag he would have been in gutters and orkut would have been banned marcillesly all over India. But Mr. Orkut was sensible enough to put the flag on his socks which goes in to the shoes and finally unnoticed. But he has not been sensible with this photo being put in Orkut. Brazillians awake?? Guess they take pride in this act also coz they have got accustomed of seeing their flag as the dress for beach volleyball matches... :-)

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