Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hungry Kya???

Who said necessity is the mother of all inventions?? I guess he was absolutely right.. Looking at a step deeper the cause for necessity is Hunger. A man goes to work to earn money. Money for three square meals a day, for him and his family. A man joins a political party for the dire needs of food. A baby cries for food. A child is sent to school so he can be a better individual and a smart kid and a wealthy child who can feed his family. Apart from food other needs like shelter, love, care, family, materialistic needs etc etc are secondary and tertiary which many families can easily do without. But Food??? No way... Without food in a city for a few days, hunger spreads like an epidemic. You can survive a few days but then when all the fat is dissolved there is nothing but your life fading away.
Food has been the primal reason for disputes many a times in this earth. A simple example is a politician says hold my flag in this rally and you will be fed, stomach-full. Another example is the cauvery issue. Two states want water for harvesting food and other needs which only water can satisfy. The rally might be a violent and life taking one. Look at all the issues on this earth they are primarily rooted to food.
Had food been available at each mans disposal when ever he wants and how ever he wants the earth would have been a little less of the troubles and all the materialistic problems.
So I pray GOD to give ""cheat codes"" to every dish on this earth and give a printed out sheet to every individual so he can wish for any dish he needs and have it merrily. You ask for Chinese pot fried noodles and KFC roasted fried chicken.. zoom you have it on the table. Think of a life like that and who will bother to go fight and earn for his living. The problems are half solved, ain't it?
Hunger is the major enemy every nation is fighting against now and will be fighting against for all times.

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