Tuesday, June 19, 2007

donors - are acceptors of good health.

Why did we think "we need to donate blood"? What reason did everyone tell us and what reason did we keep giving ourself to donate blood. "Why did we think we have to donate blood"? We thought we are donors and many lives of so called acceptors is saved because of the blood we donate. Well thats by and large right. But thats not all. By donating blood we are saving our own life. !!!!. Yes, read it again. I am right.
Making blood donations a habit is a good habit. It helps reduce the risk of heart/cardio problems. Studies have confirmed it. I dint know about this thing till recently when I donated blood along with a few friends of mine. Have a look at this for a clear explanation.

I learnt two things this time. One is the above said thing. You live healthy by donating blood and the second thing is when you have been asked to donate blood ask if it is a direct donation or a replacement. We know what a donation is. When someone needs O+ve only O+ve donors are called for. But in a replacement the blood from the blood bank is used by the doctors for a patient and the same quantity (in units) needs to be replaced. The quantity of blood, not the group of blood, is the only criteria for replacement. They accept any group for replacement. So dont miss out an opportunity to donate blood. Keep your self fit.


soorya said...

A good and useful topic to be known!! A nice one...

anu said...

Thank u loads!!!