Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am not happy with the way the world cup has progressed. Its not for the fact that India is not in the Super 8. I felt India don't deserve a berth for their dismal performance against the roaring Lions and searing Tigers. My interest is elsewhere. Are the following said a disgrace to WC 2007?
First, Ricky Ponting's comments that minnows should never be a part of the world cup. Well I have a implication question for Ponting. If New Zealand defeated Aussies and Bangladesh defeated New Zealand does that mean Bangladesh has defeated Aussies??? Well maths says its right. But in a game of cricket any thing is quite possible. Would Aussies have ever dreamt that S.Africa will chase 434? Remember Ricky its cricket.
Next, Woolmer killed. For what? A bleak performance by the Pak? Huh, we need some sense and a brain transplant if necessary. Can Woolmer Bat, Bowl and Field for those eleven worthless baubles?
Last, the worst of all. I seriously cant digest the comment that Ireland won the Pak because of betting and it was a fixed match. I felt it was a marvelous achievement by the "so-called" minnows to be where they are now.
I know by the end of the world cup there would be many more such spiteful incidents. Who knows if this WC would be abandoned too.. Lets wait...

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