Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mr, X, VIII std fail, Member of Parliament, India.

Who are our leaders today? are they qualified enough to take India to the next level, so called "Developed Nation"? Today, I was really irritated when all the illiterate ministers' names were popping up in my mind, for some unknown reasons. So i made a random check of the qulifications of our Hon'ble ministers and their work Ex and found the most impressive bio-data was of our Finance minister's, Prime Minister's and then was the IT Minister.
How good are the others? Are they educated enough to accept the jargons foreign officials throw at them? Are they masterminds to defeat the foreign officials in their grounds?
I just googled "Indian Ministry" to search for an answer.
To be honest I was impressed with the overall qualifications. Many were Law grads and few science. I don't know how true it is. But on the whole I feel even more perplexed now. How did railways perform so better? I had to tell an answer and console myself. "He understood the ground reality and the business as well"

Just take this poll and let me know what you feel.EducatedPolitics

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