Friday, March 30, 2007

Whom to cull?

We have been receiving and reading news in the past and the present about stray dogs mauling kids for unknown reasons. It is a deep sense of pain and agony when your kith or kin is mauled helplessly, brutally by the fit-for-nothing, eat-litter-sleep-breed stray dogs. Its really touching when we read news like that and see the photos of the parents weeping. The govt has issued a red alert and has ordered all such dogs culled. I was thinking if this is the right thing to do.
There is something called as the Food-chain. Human beings eat some animals and some animals eat human beings in turn. For the earth to exist this cycle has to go on. Had a lion killed a man it would not have been such a big hype, just because it was a dog its humiliating for the ill fated's family.
I have a question. **Just because maximum number of terrorists hunted down are muslims can we hunt down all the muslims or looking from another angle just because all the terrorists and the harm causing elements are human beings can we kill the entire race of humans around? Sounds wierd right?
How many politicians, national leaders, business men, big shots have cheated us, killed many and had zero feelings, just like these stray dogs, when a million of their country men were dying. How many have a gamut of cases, trials under them. What to do of them? Kill them? Cull them? Fire them? Chop a hand, leg and let them free? Who is going to monitor them?
Every single kid the stray dogs kill is reported a hundred times in all the papers but there have been hundreds of silent assassinations that have never been noticed.
These dogs need a life. Pity them. They need love and care. If you tell me they are not cared for and they have no space to live and they spoil the entire place they occupy then do one thing kill all the beggars and the abandoned children on the streets. We need to think again. Animals too have a life and we need to respect it. When we tread in to their world they fight back for their own space. Its obvious.
Cull the politicians, the beggars, the abandoned children and then point your fingers at the stray dogs.

P.S :
  • ** Not to offend muslims had i mentioned a point earlier in this blog.


preedhi said...

Thought provoking blog VJ!
People should use their brains and think twice before targetting animals!

aparna said...

good one