Monday, October 20, 2008

Winter has just begun...

An update: Its 28th Oct and I have seen the sub zero temp for the first time.. Haven't felt it yet.. I am not sure whats in store for the rest of the winter.. bring the blankets on.. oh i cant think of how good it would be to sleep for long hours.. i m lovin it!!!

Its Oct : 20th
The Winter has just began and the worst temperature readings is yet to come... All these years I felt I live in one of the colder places in south India (Hosur/Bangalore) but these are newer limits of coldness. I experienced a single digit climate when I had been to Manali before and that was 4*C or 5*C.
Although we might not experience snow here the cold-winds(terrible winds) make the winter really bad. Will post if there is some thing interesting.
I must accept this is nothing compared to other places like Seattle where Snow is what they see half the year. Time to say Cheers... Welcome Winter!!!

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