Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Journey with a Father...

For all the sentiment mongers this is not one such post. Although this is written when Vaaranam Aayiram is due to release it has no connection to that too.. You will see it if you read on...
There was this awesome day when I was going to Atlanta for a purchase visit to an Indian store over there by bus. It was organised by a local church. The Chinese too had come along coz they wanted to go to the Chinese store. Awesome.
We are 8 Indians and ~30 chinese and few American on board. Good looking girls too. The seat next to me was empty and I was not hoping for a gorgeous awesome hot babe but atleast a lookable and talkable one. There was the real surprise.... The father of the church which organised the trip sat next to me!!! Oh noooooo.....
When the initial Hi's and intro was over I wanted to really get off that seat or atleast send him packing. He threw the bait in. I would address Father as F. Here
F: Do you believe in God?
M: Yeah if I need him otherwise no.
F: How do you see God?
M: Blah Blah Blah...
Few more questions went on in the same genre which was totally not of my type. I felt this was it.. I asked him would you mind if I ask you a question? He was happy like the Lord Labakku Das in vivek comedy... He was like yes go ahead...
M: Have you read The DaVinci Code?
F: !!@@!! No I havent..
M: Oh have you seen that movie atleast?
F: Yeah but i dint remember what was in it.. long back I saw it....
M: Oh ok.. So this is how it goes.. (told him.. infact poured it out). Is that true??
F: How do you guys worship in India?
M: We have one god for each thing.. Rain, Air, Water, Sun, Moon, Earth, Money... etc etc...
F: Oh thats bad so many Gods to worship??
M: No that is better... We dint want to over load one God.. :-D
M: Have you seen Indian movies?
F: No But I would love to. Heard a lot about them.
M: I would like to recommend one movie if you are really interested... its called Anbe Sivam(Love is God!!!).
F: Love is God?? What is it??
M: Told him the atheist explanation given in the movie.. which I really liked... Expected him to have left by then.... But to my surprise he was still there... Can't help it... The journey itslef was over and we did our purchase and while returning back the same thing happened and the seat next to me was empty... But he chose another scape goat for his preachings... He was a real PRO (Public Relations Officer!!!) to Jesus... Amen...

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Pravin said...

"We dint want to over load one God.. :-D "
I like that!