Saturday, August 16, 2008

He he he...

Some times in life you are thrown at new situations which is totally strange to you.. strange by all means... completely strange. It makes your mind and eyes pop out. My school friends and college friends know of the affection i have towards computers and more so when it comes to assignments and internals/term exams. I know how good all my friends were in assignments/exams.
I read this in my univ profs website where they generally post the course requirements and conditions to be his student. Have fun reading it. I could not stop laughing thinking of my past :-)

I. Academic Integrity Policy
A. Any breach of the principles outlined in the Academic Integrity Statement is considered an act of academic dishonesty.

B. Academic dishonesty is further defined as:
  1. Giving, receiving, or using unauthorized aid on any academic work;
  2. Plagiarism, which includes the copying of language, structure, or ideas of another and attributing the work to one's own efforts;
  3. Attempts to copy, edit, or delete computer files that belong to another person or use of Computer Center account numbers that belong to another person without the permission of the file owner, account owner, or file number owner;
C. All academic work submitted for grading contains an implicit pledge and may contain, at the request of an instructor, an explicit pledge by the student that no unauthorized aid has been received.

Policy on Cheating/Honor Code
All work handed in must reflect your own work. Duplicate homework and programs will not be accepted. Any such instances will result in an F for the assignment, and may result in an F for the course. Some joint work can be submitted with the permission of the instructor, but only if properly identified as joint work.

Not even in my dreams I can imagine how I am going to go through this. My real appreciation to all the first hand assignment doers. You are great. All the copier machines like me would feel like this, I know!!!!.


Vijesh said...

That's one cracker of rules to adhere with. Good luck chap. :)

Soorya said...

I could'nt control laughing reading this blog..
A Total sarcasm :)
What is the punishment? No warnings eh!!

Vijesh said...

Look Soorya is more interested in the punishment, rather an advising to be good. Or she should have guessed what vijay is upto. LoL

Vijaya Ragavan said...

to say in simple terms india pappu இங்க வேகாது :-(

Amber Light said...

I hope your papers dont end up like Computer Science paper (filled with reference to "Java"gal Srinath. ) He he he.

Vijaya Ragavan said...

Just to highlight the "Java"gal Srinath thing..
A XII Comp Sci question was "Who invented Java??".. Yeah for all my Love towards Comp Sci i wrote Javagal Srinath... coz his name has Java in it :-).
Even to this day the teacher remembers the answer... This is what I call "Once in life time answer :-D"....