Saturday, August 9, 2008

Car drive.

Having come here just a week ago I made a quick check of my driving skills. Drove back from the Lake Hartwell to the place where I am put up currently.

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The driving sense is all the same but for the rules and "no Honking". The driving is keep right but that does not bother you much as you drive along the lanes as everyone else does. On the whole it was a nice drive. You dont get strained immaterial of how much ever you drive. But there is no thrill without bikers and auto people barging on. Miss you auto and cab fellas!!!


Vijesh said...

Humm first post from there. Humm inga iruntha we crib abt the auto/cab. Anga pona we say we miss them. Anyways olunga ottu pa.. ticket vangathey (NFS than neyabgam varuthu)

Vijaya Ragavan said...

I am reminded of the NFS Hot Pursuit 2 played in Santy's comp and the XBOX NFS in Peep's house.. Both styles of driving are deadly and not recommended.. :-)
@ Vijesh: I dunno which ticket u r talking about.. Assuming you have a good heart I take it to be the ticket given by Police :-D