Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Posters - a mess with information.

What are advertisements for? A fundamental question, i know. But the answer is very complex. The most simplest answers we can think of are to inform people of the features in the product, to increase sales volume, to get a place in the mind and heart of the customer so that he buys this brand when he thinks of this product. Competition has gone way too high and creativity is foraying unknown and unexpected levels with the advent of good softwares and good brains. But advertisements have created a negative impact also. People who have money publish ads in TVs during matches, movies and even during teary-soapy tele serials for the TRP ratings. But people who dont have money or who think their ads need to reach the common man go for the cheaper means of ads. POSTERS!!!. They are really messy and need a round of thinking sessions.
Posters are every where. A newly constructed flyover, the compound wall of a house, a tree, a electrical pole, a bus back and even a fencing... Huh is that enough of creativity in finding the places to stick the posters?? Well we need to regulate the places where posters can be put up. All those whose companies posters are struck in "Do not stick posters here" places should be heavily fined. So do we have to do-away-with the posters concept? No need not. We need to construct pretty huge walls in prominent places like the railway station, bus stand, few signals etc where the wall is divided into some 20 or 30 rectangles and each rectangle should be rented for a company or agency who would maintain the walls. Every poster including the movie posters would go there. No other place in the entire city the posters can be stuck. To put up your poster in these places you need to pay. Thus money is generated to the govt., and few people can be employed in the agencies also.
If the cost is high then the posters need to be converted into a phamplet and can be distributed along with news papers. I feel this is far better as the blank side of the phamplet can be used for some rough work by the children or in the grocery stores. As a final step, if not this they can be distributed in the streets as it is already done.
All these makes the city look better. All the welcome sign-posts, written for a politician, on the walls need to be removed. Instead of doing this they can send a postcard to every house saying their party men are coming to the city. Which makes more sense than the graffiti on the walls. They (graffiti) are the shabby face of the society today. Lets keep a city clean as cleanliness sponsors good health.


Vijesh said...

One other BIG nonsense or rather say danger in posters are the huge and high mounted vinyl boardings that has a catchy picture in them. This is a life threating thing for 2 wheelers esp in high speed city traffic like Bangalore.

I have made up my mind, never look around when driving, Its not easy to follow. At least practice them.

But a good selection for the post!

Anonymous said...

I have an incident that i would like to share. The moment i saw that i thought about this blog. Well, i was walking towards the bus stop from my home to catch the bus to office. I saw a invova standing at one place and then when i went towards it i saw 4 politicians(they were wearing whito dothi's) admiring some of the posters struck on the wall!!!! they moved to other section of the wall and this happened till they had reached the end of the wall. Can we call them NARCI's????

Jayyy said...

very good idea.... even now govt. making money out of ads at bus stop. To keep city clean, rules should be severe & punishments as well