Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Flight...

Just like many of you reading this I too had never experienced a flight journey before. But on May 9th I did break that status. Thanks to Air Deccan for making this possible by triggering a whole new era in the Indian aviation history by venturing into low cost carriers. I travelled from BLR-TVM (Bangalooru to Tiruvananthapuram).
I reached the airport quiet earlier than the check-in time. (Check in time is usually an hour ahead of the flight departure time). I went in and spoke to the Air Deccan counter person who told me to wait as the check-in time was no where near. So I just sat there looking at the airport and answering the Whys and Whats that were running in my head. When the check-in time was announced I jumped on my foot to make my debut journey.
When I showed my online-ticket (e-Ticket), that I got from Yatra, I was given the jerking reply which I had heard of in the recent times. "Your name is not in the passengers list!!!!!". No this should not be happening on my debut. I was pissed off to the core and was wondering what next??? No idea. I had to write a exam the next day at 9 am. I wanted to keep the calm on my face even though there was a heavy undercurrent of anger and questions going on my mind. The lady said please proceed to the counter no 3. I was skeptical about the proceedings. I went there. She said "Please proceed. You are given a ticket". I was relieved. I had to thank CNN-IBN for their operation cobra post which got me this ticket.
The take off was the best of all. You would be pushed back to your seats by inertia and it was very similar to the columbus upward movement. I hate columbus rides. But i liked this b'coz I paid for this. When we encountered clouds the plane would shake heavily. As few Air Deccan flights are external-blades-propelled they are not stable and the clouds are massive structures and are merciless . The plane moves up and down in a jolting fashion and in the high altitude you tend to get ear blockage and even a feeling to puke. My neighbour neatly dressed, with a french, right from the moment the plane took off he had his head spinning and took a few tablets and then was in total anguish with how the plane went.
The purpose for which I went in the plane was not even a bit satisfactorily completed. But I relished every bit of the plane journey. Even for the return I did not have my name in the passengers list. I knew this would happen so I was behind the Yatra people and screwed them how much I could and they sent me another ticket through sms when I was in the flight for the return journey.
Bangalore from the 13000 ft (the air hostess told me the altitude was 13000 ft) is really good. The long well-lit highways and the colorful buildings are really nice to look at. Enjoy every bit of your journey.

1. Check if your seat is available and you are in the passengers list.
2. Sit in a window seat otherwise you would miss a lot of excitement.

1. Do not read when the plane is in the air. You will already feel nauseated and doing this might aggravate that feeling.

P.S: Enjoy the feeling of flying and only in mid air you will realise the power of imagination. The imagination of Wright Brothers. All thanks to them.

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Vijesh said...

Nice one dude..
Lets see, when my turn is going to be!

Hope your exam was fine :P