Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Absolute Peace..

How can you be a 50% peaceful with the current settings?? Can you in the first place?? If no was my reply, then I would not be bloggin this at all. Yes 'we' can. As simple as keeping your mobile away. I was a reckless user of mobile phones in India and after coming to US, I and my brother share a mobile and he has it all the time. So I am without a mobile yet I have a number for others to communicate. It works like this : every evening I get the info that so and so called up and if need be I will call back and inquire whats the matter... Absolute peace.. No disturbace at all..
But how will this help some one back in India where mobiles are very much affordable and a necessity more than luxury?? Leave the mobile one day at home and try how it goes. You will miss it as if your hand is cut away.. Evening you might find many missed calls and many messages.. Call every one and have a word... Leave it the next day you will feel better and leave it the third day you will have a good work time because half the time you get calls from call centers, friends who want to decide the dinner, dinner time, dinner place, what time you will be at home, I will come late so on... Its when you would have some how fought the hell for the best concentration to fix a bug these call will zip in.. Damn it!!! Getting back to work and finishing the bugs story goes on forever.. Try it for a week you will feel much better at work place..
Sounds philosophical?? But it works believe me.

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Amber Light said...

I tried that for a week. Unintentionally though. I forgot my phone back home and cause I go home only once a week I couldnt get it for a week. It was truly heaven. But that was the week that some bombs went off here in Bangalore and everyone who wanted to get in touch with me was in hell (and cursing me to hell too i guess). Thanks to gmail I was able to escape a few curses. Hmmm...Now gmail is also as addictive. Somebody lose gmail for me!!!!