Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mgmt tips from the Govt.

I am traveling a lot these days. Nearly a hundred kms a day. Not a simple task considering the roads I literally go-halt-go-halt-go through. The Hosur – Electronic City – Bommanahalli – Silk board – Koramangala & back the same way – road is not a joke to commute through. There have been many pot holes and the million obstacles that you literally have to skim through are making the journey even more tiring. But this is just the skeleton not the skin and flesh of my thought.
When a government procrastinates one of its essential duties what does it benefit from? Considering a duty like laying of roads I thought of penning down my ideas. The things that I could assimilate have been mentioned here. If you find more consequences of many other activities you are most welcome to discuss about that.
When a highly used road which is in the residential area is not laid on time the size of the broken patches increases both in depth and width. This increases the amount of suspended particles/pollutants in the air to unexplainable amounts. Thus every resident and the passenger is made to visit doctors for reasons varying from cold, cough, throat infection, fever, eye irritation, eye allergy, skin diseases and many more which are not striking my small brain now. The doctor earns and he prescribes tablets, lotions, drops, syrups, injections and even hospitalization. Also considering the number of accidents in that area which is rare but fetches good amounts to the doctor. So the sales of medicines increase multifold and the doctor earns hefty amounts. Thus the sales tax that needs to be paid for the purchase of medicines which is an amount like a lottery won by the govt.
Also considering the fact that wear and tear of spares in the vehicles running through these roads is very very high. So add the tax that the government earns by the sales of the spares. It’s not a small number.
All this is done because the government saved huge sum by not laying the roads on time. Kudos govt.
Dear Kalaingar thatha, Stalin Uncle, other legends of the ruling party please visit my place as frequently as possible. Its not that people from my place want to see your cheerful, happy and merry making lifestyles and faces, it’s just that roads and the entire municipality is cleaned and laid properly when you all visit. So I welcome you all to come here and stay as long as you all want. If you find time please sit in your cars and go around the entire of T.N so that all places are at least cleaned if not developed.

I would like to appreciate the govt. for predicting the rains even before the meteorological dept. Now that rains have stopped you can lay the roads. It’s seriously bloody irritating to go by the same old tattered roads getting to pay the doctor, pharmacist, spares dealers huge chunks of money and still I will have to pay my income tax and you will post ads on the TV saying pay your taxes on time. On time for what??? Bad words are flowing out of my mouth. But I swear I will pay my taxes on time.

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